What is the maximum length of a single message?

A single message can contain up to 160 characters. If your message surpasses this length, it is still possible to send, however, you will be charged for two SMS units. The character count of your message can be seen just above the message field, and to the right. Bear in mind using an emoji will limit the character count of your message to 70 characters.

How many characters does using an emoji use up?

Each emoji added to your SMS will count as 2 characters. If your SMS contains emojis the maximum length of your SMS is reduced to 70 characters. You can of course send more than 70 characters, however, you will be charged for more than 1 SMS unit. The character count of your message can be seen just above the message field, and to the right. This will also show the amount of messages the content equates to (SMS units).

Can I just copy my message from Word?

We advise against this. There are known issues with word and other text editors adding extra characters that aren’t visible in the message field, but do add to the character count. If you copy and paste in your message, please ensure that the character count is what you are expecting.

How do I send myself a TEST message?

Click the arrow on the Send button in the top right of the SMS Campaign page for the option to Send Test. Test campaigns are hidden and will not appear amongst regular campaigns within analytics unless you select Show Hidden Campaigns (found in the search bar drop down on the analytics page).

Can I save my campaign for later use?

It is possible to save your progress at any time, whether for finishing off later, or to create a template to send again and again. If you want to create a draft to finish editing later, select Save Draft from the top right hand corner. To save your campaign as a template for re-usability, select the drop down next to Save Draft, and you will see the option to Save as Template. Templates can also be created from the Message Templates page, under Distribution.

How do I continue working on my draft campaign?

To load a draft campaign, go to Distribution -> SMS -> SMS Message, and click the Load Template drop down. Here you will see the templates and drafts that are available. Select one to load it into the campaign builder.

How much will my campaign cost?

There is a Calculate button on the last tab of the SMS Campaign, this will give you the total cost of your campaign.

How do I resend a message to a single person?

Click on Reports in the menu bar, then click on Contact Report. Select the campaign you want to resend and click on the contact you want to send it to. All you need to do now is click the resend button.

How can I receive an SMS back?

If you use a mobile number as your sender ID (rather than a name or company) then you'll receive replies to that mobile. Alternatively, you can purchase a dedicated longcode, and replies to this number will appear within the platform.

How can I purchase a Longcode?

Contact us at support@Tallbob.com to organise the provisioning of a private or shared longcode.

Do I have to include an Opt-out option on all of my messages?

Yes. SMS messages of a marketing nature require, by law, a method of Opting-out from the messages. If you are sending internal communications, this is not necessary.

How fast do the messages send out?

We are able to send out approximately 120 messages per second.