What file format should I use for my contact import?

Contact Lists can be imported as CSV, XLS or XLSX file types. You should ensure that this data is “clean”. (No symbols or letter characters in the phone number field, for example.) 

What format do my mobile numbers need to be in?

The following mobile formats are acceptable:





You can have a mix of these in your database, our system will convert them. Please ensure there are no other symbols or characters in the mobile field.

Does the platform change all uppercase names (FIRSTNAME) to normal case (Firstname)?

No. You will need to run a formula across your database to amend this prior to your contact import (in Excel, the formula is =proper())

How can I see who has unsubscribed from my messages?

You can view the contacts who have unsubscribed from Manage Unsubscribe Lists, found under Contacts.

How can I add a contact to my unsubscribe list?

You can do this in Manage Unsubscribe Lists, found under Contacts. You can add an individual contact with Add, or upload a csv list via Upload. Remember to include the country code for mobile numbers.