Accepted - This delivery status means that your recipient's number has been confirmed by the telco as valid, and is awaiting delivery.

Adaptive Bitrate - This means that the quality of the video is dynamic and will vary depending on your recipient's screen size and internet connection. (We won't attempt to display a high definition video to your recipient if their internet connection is poor.)

Opt-out Mobile - This delivery status means that this contact had entered their mobile number or address via the Manage Opt-outs page in a previous campaign

Bounced - This delivery status means your email was rejected by mail server. This can be due to an invalid sender address authentication, the destination address doesn't exist or destination address mailbox is full

Campaign - Think of a campaign as a single 'send'. A campaign is the combination of the message, landing page, video, and recipients sent via a distribution method of your choice.

Delivered - This delivery status means that your message was successfully sent to your recipients handset/inbox.

Duplicate - This delivery status means that this number/address had already appeared in the campaign recipients list

Encoding - Your video is being uploaded to our servers and will be available for use shortly.

Expired - This delivery status means that your message was attempted to be delivered for 48 hours and did not succeed.

Impressions - Think of an impression as a page view. Each time your landing page is loaded counts as one impression, regardless of whether it is the recipient's first or fifth visit. Impressions are therefore not unique. For Unique Impressions, look at the value for Impressions/CTR (Unique). 

In progress - This delivery status means that your message is still sending. Messages can be in progress for up to 48 hours, after which they are Expired.

Invalid - This delivery status means your message did not send, due to your recipient’s mobile number or email address being invalid or in an invalid format.

Landing Page - This is the page your recipients see when they click on the link in your SMS. A landing page is simply a customisable single web-page where-in you are able to host videos, images, PDFs, questionnaires, and give general information regarding the campaign.

Longcode - Longcodes are a dedicated mobile number that, when used as a senderID will allow message replies to appear within the platform. This must be configured for your account prior to use, contact us at  to discuss the provisioning of a shared or private longcode.

Opened - This delivery status means your email was delivered and has been opened.

QR Code - QR codes are machine-readable codes which normally store URLs, and in this case a URL link to your customised landing page. You are able to download them and print them out for mobile users to scan as a way to get your consumers immediately engaged and have an increased investment in hearing what your campaign has to say. 

Sender ID - A sender ID is the name or number which comes up as the 'contact' on the contacts phone once a message has been sent. You are able to change this ID to any name or number needed for your campaign on SMS, however email distribution requires a valid email address to be used. 

Undelivered - This delivery status means that your message was not sent successfully, this generally means there was an issue reported from the telco.

Opt-out Contact - This delivery status means that this contacts Opt-in status is false.