DuplicateThe mobile number or email address has already appeared in this campaign's recipient list.
InvalidThe mobile number or email address was not in a valid format.
Opt-Out ContactThe contacts subscription status is false.
Opt-Out MobileContact has entered their mobile number or email address via the Manage Opt-outs page in a previous campaign.
EnrouteMessage has been submitted to the telco, it is currently awaiting delivery to the handset. After 48 hours with no delivery, it will transition to expired.
AcceptedCurrently sitting with the telco attempting to be delivered.
UndeliverableTelco reported an issue delivering to the number.
Usually, because the subscriber was not found i.e. number not found.
ExpiredThe message was attempted to be delivered for 48hrs and did not succeed to be delivered to the handset.
If a phone is off/not in service. Sometimes a phone may need to be restarted to register with the telco correctly.
DeliveredThe message was delivered to the handset/mailbox.
Opened (Email Only)The email was delivered and opened.
Bounced (Email Only)The email was rejected by the mail server this can be due to: 
  • Invalid sender address authentication
  • The destination address doesn't exist
  • The destination address mailbox is full
The message has been accepted by the Tall Bob platform and is being processed for sending to the Telco for delivery to the handset
RejectedMessage was rejected when being sent to the telco. This can be for one of two reasons.
1) Mobile number exists within a 'spare' range of allocated numbers.
2) A message is sent on-net to a absent subscriber. E.g. A mobile number within a allocated number block, but does not have an active subscriber attached.
DeletedMessage was sent to the telco and then deleted by them.
ErrorMessage was not accepted by the telco.