Pre-requisite: To send an SMS via Email, you should have Email2SMS enabled on your Tall Bob Account. For detailed steps on setting up Email2SMS, click here.

Sending an SMS via Email

  • Compose a new email. 

  • Add a Sender Address. The sender address or the 'To' field of the email should be in the following format <mobilenumber> i.e.

  • Add your SMS content to the body of the email. 

  • Click 'Send'.

Once the email is sent, you can view the delivery status in the All SMS Reports or via the Campaign Analytics page. When the customer responds to your message, the reply will be received as an email or you can view this via the 'Inbound SMS Replies' page within Tall Bob.

To view an example scenario of an Email2SMS send, click here.

Key Points to be Noted

For a smooth Email2SMS send, please ensure the following points are noted:

  • Phone numbers in the contact database must be formatted correctly, including the country codes. Click here to know more about mobile format: Correct Mobile Format 

  • Email Signature or any other content that you do not want included in your SMS needs to be removed.

  • Currently, Email2SMS works only for Plain SMS and not campaigns.

  • Since the EMail2SMS flow is intended for transactional messages, an email sent to an opted-out number will be delivered.