In New Zealand, the SMS industry has become more regulated in recent years. This is because the network operators have self-regulated in order to avoid government legislation. As a result, SMS messages are now monitored and it is more difficult to get a shortcode approved.

Alphanumeric Support

In New Zealand, there is no alphanumeric sender ID. All messages are delivered via a 6-digit code (shortcode).

Shortcode Support

There are two types of shortcodes:

  • Standard shortcode: Businesses can send text messages to recipients, but recipients must pay to reply to the message. For example, when recipients reply with responses like STOP or YES, they are warned about the cost before they reply which may discourage them from sending responses to the shortcode. The network operator charges businesses for sending messages [MT], but not for receiving replies [MO].

  • FTEU (Free To End User) shortcode: Recipients do not have to pay for replying to text messages, but the network operator charges businesses for both sending [MT] and receiving [MO] text messages.

Approval Requirements

To get a shortcode approved, businesses must meet the following requirements:

  1. No Shared Shortcodes: Businesses are prohibited from using shared shortcodes for their SMS marketing campaigns.

  2. Customer Opt-In Demonstration: Businesses must provide a clear demonstration of customer opt-in, such as a screenshot, to show explicit permission before sending marketing messages.

  3. Marketing via FTEU Shortcodes: All marketing activities must be conducted using Free to End User (FTEU) shortcodes to comply with regulations and ensure a seamless user experience.

  4. Opt-Out Options: Recipients must be provided with opt-out mechanisms, either through the STOP keyword or a LINK, with the latter being preferred to avoid costs associated with replying to messages.

Pricing Guidelines

Please contact Tall Bob for pricing

Shortcode Application Process

The shortcode application process would have the following steps:

  1. Tall Bob customers will receive an email from your Account Manager which will contain a 'Form Link' that needs to be completed. Also, you would be asked to provide a screenshot of your 'Opt-in Message' with that email. 

  2. The Account Manager would then review the completed application and have a discussion with you before the application is submitted to the network.

  3. The Account Manager would then submit your application to the 'NZ Telcos' to get the shortcodes approved

  4. Once the shortcodes are approved, the shortcodes will be setup in your Tall Bob Account and will be ready for use.

Shortcode Application Timeframes

Once the shortcode application is submitted to the 'NZ Telco', the lead time taken for the shortcode approval is approx. 4-6 weeks.