Tall Bob offers Email2SMS functionality, which allows an email that is sent by a Tall Bob user converted and sent as an SMS message, without needing to log in to the platform.


Before you can use the Email2SMS feature in Tall Bob, please note the following:

  • The Email2SMS configuration cannot be set up through the user interface. Please contact our support team at support@tallbob.com to get your configuration processed.

  • An email domain will be linked to your account.

  • All messages will also have a specified sender address.

By ensuring that these prerequisites are met, you can use Tall Bob's Email2SMS feature effectively.

Limitations of Email2SMS

  • Phone numbers in the contact database need to be formatted correctly, including the country codes. Click here to know more about the correct mobile format: Correct Mobile Format 

  • Email should not contain any signatures while sending.

  • Currently works only for Plain SMS and not campaigns.