At Tall Bob, we provide an option for our customers to send an SMS campaign from our platform.

This guide provides the customers with detailed steps that need to be performed to send their first SMS Campaign successfully.

An SMS Campaign would require:

Optional Components:

  • A landing page: A single webpage that you can direct your recipients to via a link in the SMS. This must be created before sending.

  • Video: A landing page may contain a video, this is to be uploaded to the platform before sending.

Required components:

  • SenderID: The senderID is who the SMS will appear to be "from". This can be a phone number or a character string.

  • Message content: This is what your SMS will say. You must include the link if you would like to direct your recipients to a landing page. See below for an example of how to do this.

  • Recipients: This is who you are sending your SMS to. It may be a single contact or a list.

  • Campaign name: Naming your campaign makes it easier to track within analytics. 

Sending an SMS Campaign: