Account Setup

This is our very first step. At Tall Bob, we would need

  • Customer Name

  • Email address

  • Mobile Number

  • Time zone in which the customers would like to access the platform.

The provided Email would act as the account owner's username where the customer’s account person can log in to the platform and perform necessary actions.

The information would help our team to set up an account for you to get started with sending your first campaign from our platform. 

The administration of customer accounts - including setting up new ones is all done at Tall Bob Admin web applications. There are three versions, corresponding to the three environments that have to be set up:


Once you decide to set up an account with Tall Bob, whitelisting may be required for users to be able to access our pages. This process varies for different customers as it entirely depends on the company’s IT infrastructure configuration.

Email Whitelisting

Corporate IT infrastructure has specific rules and filters to block incoming emails from their domain. 

Tall Bob system allows sending using your custom domains, but some extra steps MAY be required to allow the email systems to work correctly.

  1. The Tall Bob team can configure an account to have email delivered via a static sending IP address, this may need to be whitelisted - (Configuration by admin is required)

  2. Emails have additional security features, namely DKIM and SPF. These are DNS settings that need to be configured depending on the Email system we are sending to. (Sometimes IP whitelisting is enough). For more understanding click on DKIM and SPF.

The configuration of the sending domain and keys is available through the platform on the following URL.

Domain Whitelisting

Depending on a company's IT infrastructure configuration, whitelisting may be required for users to be able to access our pages.

  1. For customers who would want to use a pURL, it is required to whitelist  * and *

  2. It is also required for the customers to whitelist * as it would be easier to send out consent (opt-out) links via their campaign.

Helpful Stuff

  • Looking for definitions that revolve around Mobile, SMS and Telco Industries, then click here

If you ever need further assistance or someone to point you in the right direction you can email the team at