Setting up an account might be a tiring process. We at Tall Bob are here to make it easy for our customers.

Please refer to the image below to know the steps involved in Customer Onboarding:

Account Setup and Whitelisting

This is our very first step. At Tall Bob, we would need a few customer details to get the account set up. 

We would also recommend our customers whitelist a few domains as it would ensure that the recipients are able to access the links sent via the campaigns.

Please click on Account Setup and Whitelisting for further information on getting started.

Payment Plans

Once you have set up the account, the next step would be selecting the payment plan. We at Tall Bob offer our customers two options for payment setup. 

Please click on Payment Plans for further information on getting started.

Personalised URLs

We recommend you create a branded Call to Action link within the SMS message. This creates message trust with the recipient which generates more clicks and a better ROI.

At Tall Bob, there are options that we provide to our customers for their personalisation.

To know more about the Personalised URLs, click on the link Personalised URLs


At Tall Bob, we provide integration options so that our customers can use different modes to send the campaigns. Our integrations are both Internal and External. 

To know more about the Integrations, click on the link Integrations

Helpful Stuff

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If you ever need further assistance or someone to point you in the right direction you can email the team at