In order to update your existing contacts, please follow the steps below


For details steps on contacts upload process, see Uploading Contacts


Step 1: 

Select Manage Contacts, which is under Contacts in the dashboard menu.

You will land on the ‘Manage Contacts’ page



Step 2: 

Click the Icon

Description automatically generated icon and upload your contact list file via drag and drop, or click Browse.

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Step 3:

Check this box if you need to update the existing data with the data in the uploaded sheet  (i.e. First Name, Last Name, Email, Mobile and Unique ID)



Step 4:

‘Select the data to Match’ This is the field your contacts will be found by, the platform allows you to update the contacts by matching the Mobile, Email or Unique ID values.





            Select the data that you want to be updated in the existing contacts.


Step 5:

Once the options are selected for updating the existing contacts with the data from the uploaded sheet, click A picture containing logo

Description automatically generated Button.