Step 0:

Ensure your contact list is in .csv or .xls format. 

Log in to the platform.

Step 1: 

Select Manage Contacts, which is under Contacts in the dashboard menu.

You will land on the ‘Manage Contacts’ page



Step 2: 

Click the Icon

Description automatically generated icon


Step 3:

Upload your contact list file via drag and drop, or click Browse.

Graphical user interface, text, application

Description automatically generated

Step 4:

The platform would have mapped the columns to the corresponding field. Make sure to check they’re correct. If not, map each column to the correct field. 


Step 5:

Check this box if your uploaded file has headings (i.e. the first row is field names, for example, First Name, Last Name, Mobile, etc.)


Step 6:

Create a new list and give it a meaningful name to help identify it later

Step 7: 

If your upload file already has country codes on the mobiles, do not set any prefix. 

If your mobiles do not have country codes (e.g. starting with a 0), select the country code you wish to apply to your list. 

Note: If you are sending to multiple countries, ensure you have set all country codes prior to importing.


Step 8:

Click A picture containing logo

Description automatically generated Button



Step 9:

Confirm to upload without country prefix by clicking on the A picture containing logo

Description automatically generated Button.