Step 0:

Ensure your contact list is in .csv or .xls format. Log in to the platform.

Step 1: 

Select Manage Contacts from the Contacts menu item

Step 2: 

Click the Upload button

Step 3:

Upload your contact list file via drag and drop, or click Browse.

Step 4:

Map each column to the correct field and make sure to check they’re correct

Step 5:

Check this box if your uploaded file has headings (i.e. the first row is field names, for example, First Name, Last Name, Mobile, etc.)

Step 6:

Create a new group and give it a meaningful name to help identify it later

Step 7: 

Your upload file should already have country codes, so do not set any prefix. NB: If you are sending to multiple countries, ensure you have set all country codes prior to importing.

If you have not set your country code, select the country code you wish to apply to your database. 

Step 8:

Click Submit

Step 9:

Click I’m sure