Step 0:

Log in to the platform.

Step 1:

Select SMS and then Plain SMS Message from under the Distribution menu item

Step 2:

Type in or select your SenderID

(Sender ID can contain up to a maximum of 14 numbers or 11 alphabet characters with no special characters and no spaces other than a full stop and an underscore “_” ”.”)

Step 3:

Type in your SMS message. If you would like to use your contact’s name, click Insert Personalised Text, and select Firstname and click Add.

Step 4:

Click Insert Opt-out to insert a link that your recipients can click to Opt-out.

Step 5:

Click Next

Step 6:

Click Send this message at a specific time if you do not want your campaign to go out immediately (otherwise ignore)

Step 7:

Enter a Campaign Name

Step 8:

Click Send Test (This is optional, but recommended)

Step 9: 

Select the contact(s) you would like the Test SMS to go to, and click Send (Do not close the page)

Step 10:

Carefully review the SMS. If you are happy with it, continue.

Step 11:

Select your Contact List (if using)

Step 12:

Select Individual Contacts (if using)

Step 13:

Click Send