Opt-out is a process by which individuals can choose not to receive unsolicited information or services. Opt-outs are important because they give individuals control over their personal information and privacy, and they help to reduce the amount of spam and junk mail that people receive. Contacts have the option to unsubscribe from receiving messages by utilizing a link provided on the landing page or directly within the SMS. Upon opting out, the respective mobile number is registered in the 'Opt-out' list. This results in the restriction of sending SMS to that number from the account in question, encompassing the entire account rather than being restricted to a specific user.


This guide will explore the different ways in which a customer can manage their opt-outs

The above scenarios also apply to the Opt-out list for SMS and Emails

Adding an Individual Opt-out

Uploading Opt-out List

Deleting a Single Opt-out Entry

Deleting all Opt-outs

Exporting the Opt-outs

Example Opt-out list

Our platform accepts only CSV and Excel formatted files for Upload. 

If your opt out file contains additional columns like 'First Name', 'Last Name' etc don't worry when you upload the file you will confirm which column contains the mobile numbers to be opted out and the remainder of the data will be ignored

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