Setting Up the VidCorp App in Zapier

Connect the App in Zapier by using the VidCorp credentials

Setting Up a Zap From Scratch

The trigger

Begin by creating a new Zap, find the AutoPilot app, then choose the ‘Contact Added to List’ event.

Continue, select your account, continue.

Then choose the list you created in AutoPilot and continue, test trigger, continue.

Find or Add Contact

You will then want to add a VidCorp step, ‘Find Contact’

Continue, choose the VidCorp account you’ve set up, continue.

Then you will be presented with the External ID input. In the drop down provided, the AutoPilot data from the previous step will be available.

You’ll need to click ‘Show All Options’ and then you want to choose the ‘Contact ID’

Before clicking continue, You want to check the box to ‘Create contact if it doesn’t exist yet'

You then need to map the data

For each field, we want to use the data from the AutoPilot step

The final result should look something like this.

Then click continue, test & continue and ‘Done Editing’

Optional Step - Add to Group

Create a new step using the + button

Search for the VidCorp app and choose the ‘Add Contact to Group’ option.

Then continue, choose the credentials and continue again.

To populate the Contact ID, you want to insert the data from ‘2. Find or create contact in VidCorp’ data, and choose the ‘Contact ID’

Clicking into the Group ID input, you will be shown a list of your groups stored in the VidCorp system.

Select one and then continue and test & continue

Sending a Message

Add a new step, find the VidCorp app and then choose the ‘Send SMS Campaign’ option.

Then continue, choose the account, continue.

The ‘Campaign Template’ dropdown will show the campaign templates you had setup in VidCorp earlier.

For the Contact ID, again we want to use the data from step 2, and we want to ‘Show All Options’ and select the ‘Contact ID’

We then want to continue, test & continue

Turn on the Zap

Don’t forget to name the zap

We can now turn on the zap

When the Zap is on, any contacts that get added to your AutoPilot list will then receive a message from the VidCorp System.

Please note that when using the Test system and app v1.0.1, messages will not get sent, you will need to login to the platform and view the analytics or delivery reports to see the messages sent.